How to keep your sale on track

Published: 13/04/2024

According to Which! nearly one-third of people have their property purchase fall through? Don't worry, though! Here are some handy tips to keep your house-buying journeys track and avoid becoming part of that statistic.

Avoid chains if possible
Being part of a chain means you're connected to other buyers and sellers in a sequence. If any link breaks, it can affect everyone. Choosing a property without a chain can save you from potential headaches later on. So, let your head rule over your heart when making decisions!

Set realistic timelines
Once your offer is accepted, discuss timelines early on. While buying and selling properties can take time, aligning everyone's expectations toward a common deadline helps keep things moving forward smoothly.

Stay organised
Have all your paperwork ready and easily accessible. Being prompt in responding to queries can prevent unnecessary delays. Plus, being easily reachable means you can resolve minor issues swiftly, keeping the process on track.

Choose the right estate agent
Not all estate agents are created equal. Look beyond just their fees and consider their experience and track record in keeping house sales on track. Reading reviews can give you insights into their past performance. Also, ensure you have good rapport with them, as they play a crucial role in helping to make your move as smooth as possible.

Consider alternatives to chains
If issues arise in your chain, consider selling and renting temporarily to avoid losing your buyer. This strategy also positions you as a more attractive buyer when you find a property, as you'll be chain-free.

By following these tips, you can navigate the house-buying process with confidence and hopefully avoid any hiccups along the way!

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