What's happening in our boroughs?

Published: 20/01/2017 By Lucy Murray

Prices overall in Outer London have risen by 1.4% generally as there are fewer properties coming onto the market (-14% month on month)

The borough of Merton has seen prices increase YOY by 3.5% with the average property price now £632,749.  It is seen as a good place to invest in property especially with the regeneration project in place.  The Mayor’s Regeneration fund is investing £1.6m and Merton £820,000 and this is to improve roads, public spaces and the High Street.  There will be a new town square and an attractive arrival area to the station.  Replacement street furniture and public art will enhance the aesthetics and cyclists will be helped with further cycle lanes.

Wandsworth borough overall was down by 4.1%, however, the gentrification of Tooting has helped prices rise by 5.38% YOY.  The average price of property in Tooting is now £613,561 which is 7.4% above the London average.  Tooting will continue to attract St George’s hospital staff and students and its gastro pubs, artisan food shops and trendy bars draw young professionals.